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Student Artist Bios


Ali M – Artist Bio, 2020

Ali M is the eldest of six siblings and is from Kabul, Afghanistan, the land of breathtaking mountains. His favorite sport is football. He moved to India in 2016. He currently living in Delhi with his mother and siblings. His father is in Greece and he wishes to join him someday. Ali misses the mountains, snow, apple orchards and particularly misses plucking apples with his friends and grandparents, whom he left in Kabul.


Ali likes to paint to enliven and activate his mind. He wishes to use his painting to send a positive message to the community. He is brimming with ideas and cannot wait to paint.


Ali Feels at home in India. He desires to grow up and work in India as a neurosurgeon. He loves watching Bollywood movies. 


Ali P – Artist Bio, 2020

Ali P is from Kabul, Afghanistan. His favorite subject is Mathematics, as he loves 'solving problems'. He likes watching Bollywood movies and his favorite actor is Amir Khan. He came to Delhi in 2017 and he likes the hustle and bustle of this city.


Ali felt an inclination toward art since an early age. He started with pencil sketching and since then he has come to long way. he is trying his hand in acrylic painting and is loving it. Painting brings him joy and helps him to relieve stress. Whenever he finishes a good painting it makes him happy that he has created something beautiful.


One of his paintings features Boats. Ali has not yet been to a seaside but visiting a beach someday is definitely on his bucket list.


Fatima Eliana – Artist Bio, 2020

Eliana was born in Iran. She had spent her early childhood in Ghazni, Afghanistan before coming to India. She came to India when she was 6 years old. She lives here with her parents and 4 siblings. The image of beautiful mountains and forests of Ghazni are preserved in her heart. Eliana loves traveling and has traveled to Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand. Dehradun is her favorite tourist destination.


Eliana started sketching as a hobby but she is so thrilled by the experience that now she wants to put heart and soul into communicating her passion. She
says "Sometimes the words are not enough to define what is in your mind."


Iqbal – Artist Bio, 2020

Rahimi hails from Kabul, Afghanistan. He was born in Pakistan, but he spent most of his childhood in Afghanistan before moving to India. He has traveled
many cities in India and currently resides in Delhi with his family. He loves playing football.


Rahimi started taking interest in art at a young age. He started sketching with his father and hopes that someday he is able to match his skill. Rahimi still
remembers one of his early sketches made in Kabul, that of a girl riding a horse toward the beautiful mountains. He hopes to recreate it someday.


To Rahimi, art is a medium to convey the experiences of moving out from a war torn country. Painting helps him to reconnect with himself. It fills him with hope and reminds him to be thankful for what he has.
Rahimi aspires to be a lawyer and serve the community.


Monira – Artist Bio, 2020

Monira is from Kabul, Afghanistan. She came to India in 2015. She is living in Delhi with her parents and 4 siblings. She often thinks about her house, school and her friends she left behind in Kabul. Monira says that "one thing that has remained intact amidst the war and unrest in Kabul is "Hope". The hardships have not been able to destroy the hope among people of Afghanistan for peace.


Monira was interested in art since her childhood. Through her paintings she desires to the viewers to forget their problems, to looks at the beauty around them, and appreciate its goodness.


Mozhda – Artist Bio, 2020

Mozhda was six and half years old when her family moved to India from Kabul, Afghanistan. Memories of family gathering at their garden and the scrumptious spread during festivals are still fresh in her mind. Delhi has been her home for the last twelve years.


Mozhda started to explore art at the young age. Her heart lies in fashion design but right now she is enjoying her time with canvas painting.

Mozhda aspires to make her name in the field of modest fashion design and represent the once very popular Afghan fashion to the world. 


Neelab – Artist Bio, 2020

Neelab was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She was three years old when her family was forced to leave Kabul to escape the Taliban insurgency. She lives in Delhi with her parents and 3 siblings. The bustling streets of Kabul, the streaming Boulanee and aroma of sizzling kebabs are still fresh in her memory. She has been in India for 12 years, and feels like it's her second home. She is a food lover and she loves to dig into a platter of Chole Bhature and Chicken Biryani.


In Afghanistan, art or practicing art is not often encouraged. Neelab, through her work, intends to convey to the world that there are Afghan children who are interested in painting. Since it is unusual for girls to explore their talent in Afghanistan. Neelab desires to boost the morals of other girls to pursue their skills.


Neelab aspires to be an Interior designer. In doing so, she wishes to spread her love for art to youngsters and encourage them to create their own art.


Nuzhat – Artist Bio, 2020

Nuzhat hails from Kabul, Afghanistan. She came to India in 2017. She lives in Delhi with her parents and 5 siblings. Her favorite subject is Mathematics.


She started sketching as a hobby but after gaining interest she started canvas painting also. She hopes people will enjoy and appreciate her skill of art.


Nuzhat aspires to pursue clinical psychology, and to spread hope and love for life among people.


Roqia – Artist Bio, 2020

Roqia born and brought up in Jori, Afghanistan. She came to Delhi, India in 2018, with her parents and 3 younger brothers. Roqia is slowly settling into the environment of peace and freedom but she misses her home, trees and the mountains of Jori.


In 2019, for the first time she tried her hand at painting on canvas. She hopes people will admire her skill of art and understand her feelings.


She loves Indian food, traveling and meeting new people. World tour stands on top in her bucket list.


Sakina – Artist Bio, 2020

Sakina was born in Pakistan. She spent her childhood in Pakistan and traveled her way through Afghanistan to India in year 2018. Since she grown up watching Indian culture from a distance, this country seems very familiar and comfortable to blend in.


Painting has been a new and unique experience for her. She says that painting has taught her to view objects with multiple perspectives. She hopes that one day when she aces painting, she will try to paint the ancient statue of the Bamiyan Buddha.


Sakina loves traveling, interacting with and exploring different cultures. She aspires to take up travel journalism and travel around the world.


Sara – Artist Bio, 2020

Sara has spent her early childhood in Ghazni, Afghanistan before coming to India. She came to India in very young age. She lives here with her
parents and 4 siblings.


Sara has different hobbies, as she says "I enjoy reading, writing poems, singing and dancing, cooking and drawing. I have many plans for the
future. My vision is to reach out to as many girls and women as possible, especially in the underdeveloped areas, to share the truth with them
and serve them. I want to bring a change in the lives
of this vulnerable population.


I also want to be a good influence among teenagers or youth and be a help to them. I have started working towards this vision but there is a long way to go."


Sayed – Artist Bio, 2020

Sayed was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He came to India in 2015, since then he has been living in Delhi with his parents and 5 siblings. Delhi's street food is something that he likes the most. He likes to relish on spicy local munchies that this city has to offer. Sayed has experienced security and freedom in India.


He loves the experience of painting on canvas. He works part time at a tailor shop after school. He aspires to venture into fashion designing in the

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