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Original painting or print – 14×11

See About The Artist for Artist Statement and more information about the artist.

"Butterfly" by Nuzhat

  • Student Artist: Nuzhat

    Artist Statement:

    Butterfly, a reminder that each one of us has the power and possibility to be reborn. The symbol of a new life, change and hope. Butterflies are symbolizing the deep and strong feeling of happiness and love. They represent personal transformation. Butterfly is one of the most symbolic, beautiful and one of my favorite insects. It always reminds me of freedom and beauty. It shows the artistry of nature.

    I think all human beings have two strong wings like a butterfly. One is the wing of their beliefs and the other is the wing of their mentality. The human beings take orders from these two wings. A strong and a conscious person will always use her/his wings in a positive way and try to fly as high as he/she can. As a human being, we all will face different situations in our life but we should not lose our hope in God’s love. (Never lose your hope in difficult circumstances of your life. Instead, as a brave and strong person, always follow the beauty and goodness just like a butterfly that is always in search of beauties).

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